Welcome to the online shop by artist Cats On Words. Have you ever wondered what cats think about life and how they feel about our brainy quotes, valuable wisdom, savvy proverbs, wise mantras, clever sayings, and prized life lessons?

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Risography is a printing method with a distinct aesthetic appeal. Small imperfections and irregular textures are intentional and lend a unique character to each print. The result is a beautiful, hand-printed, and tactile finish, making every print one-of-a-kind.

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Meet Cats On Words, the artist and writer behind risography prints that explore what our feline friends think and feel about life. From brainy quotes to savvy proverbs, the artworks offer a clever mix of whimsy and wisdom, blending cat charm with prized life lessons. Join him in a captivating world where feline musings meet clever sayings, creating delightful prints that leave a lasting impression.

About The Artist

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Get ready to dive into an enchanting world, where cats and contemplation collide in the most delightful way.