About The Artist

Christian, the artist and writer behind Cats On Words, delves into the captivating world of cats, exploring their unique perspective on life and their intriguing thoughts about our human experiences. Having grown up alongside these enigmatic creatures, he has always been fascinated by their thoughts and feelings towards our human existence. Through his artistry and writings, he explores the profound wisdom and contemplation that can be found in our feline companions.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, he is also a dedicated practitioner of yoga and meditation, embracing mindfulness and seeking to extract the utmost from every moment. These practices inspire and inform his creative process, infusing his artworks with a sense of tranquility, balance, and introspection.

Beyond the visual expressions captured in his artworks, he uses the power of words to convey deeper meanings and insights. His writings explore profound subjects, touching upon the fundamental aspects of life. Love, in particular, holds a special place in his philosophy. To him, love is the universal energy that transcends time, space, and connects us to nature, the universe, and one another. It is the highest frequency one can vibrate at and a state of elevated consciousness. Within the pure frequency of love, there exists gratitude, creation, happiness, and a sense of unity. He believes that love serves as a gateway to our inner divine essence.

Central to Cats On Words’ message is the importance of self-love. Recognizing that genuine love begins with loving oneself, he encourages others to embark on the journey of self-acceptance and compassion. Opening one’s heart becomes the key to appreciating one’s true essence and fostering true empathy for others. At the core of compassion lies forgiveness, for Cats On Words understands that every individual carries their own battles and struggles. Through understanding and empathy, he believes that we can create a more harmonious and loving world.

Cats On Words emphasizes the significance of personal choice and the power of perception. Recognizing that our outer experiences are often a reflection of our inner state, he advocates for mindful selection of thoughts, emotions, and attitudes. By consciously choosing positivity, love, and gratitude, we can shape our reality and cultivate a more joyful existence.

In his creative journey, he invites you to fall in love with yourself and radiate that profound sense of love to the world around you. Through his art and writings, he aspires to inspire others to embrace their own unique perspectives, find solace in self-discovery, and foster a deep connection with the universe.

Join Christian and Cats On Words as he unravels the mysteries of existence, encourages self-love, and reminds us to choose wisely the essence we carry within us.

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