Handling & Care

As soon as you receive the artwork, please check if everything arrived in good condition. If the package has been damaged during shipment, please notify us immediately and take pictures to document the damages. Delayed communication may result in forfeiting the insurance claim.

When unpacking the artwork, please ensure that you wash your hands or wear cotton or surgical gloves before touching the paper. The oils and contaminants on your hands can potentially damage the print and leave marks on the paper. Exercise caution when lifting the print, using opposite corners. Due to the sensitivity of the inks, refrain from touching the image area of the print.

Unpack your artwork on a clean surface to avoid stains, scratches, or bends. If your print comes in a cardboard tube, please unpack the artwork as soon as possible. Open the tube, remove the filling material, and carefully pull out the rolled artwork. Unroll it on a flat and clean surface, allowing it to slowly unfold within its protective cover. Additionally, please avoid storing it for longer than one week.

The safest option is to frame the prints as soon as possible. When storing the print, always keep it unrolled in a horizontal position and in the protective cover it came with. It's important to note that two prints should never be stored in direct contact facing each other. Instead, separate them by placing a clean sheet of paper in between.